LeBron Says Offensive Foul Was Bad Call; He Ran So Not to Be Ejected


It was one of those type of fouls, where I could see both sides.

In my opinion the foul should have been on Hibbert, but I can see where others will say LeBron lead with his knee, so it should have been an offensive foul.

What LeBron did afterwards was super dramatic and he deserved the technical foul he received. Here is what the King had to say about it.

“I had to run down the court to stop from being kicked out,” James said. “I thought it was a pretty bad call. I don’t complain about calls too much. I thought me and Hibbert met at the mountaintop.”

“I didn’t throw an elbow, basically I went straight up,” James continued. “And I knew he was going to go high hands, like he had been doing. So I went to a double-clutch to try to let him go down. Then I was able to go over the top. I don’t have no idea why that was called an offensive foul. So, you know, [running] just stopped me from being ejected. I think at that moment I just got away from the ref that called it.”

Normally players get fined for criticizing the officials, we will see what happens to LeBron.

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