Lingerie Football Player Pep Talk: “No P***y Sh*t… We Some Ugly Girls” (Video)

Lingerie football


I thought this was supposed to be sexy?

When I heard about the whole Lingerie Football concept, I was under the impression that the sex appeal of the women would be on display, instead all I’ve seen is a bunch of scary females who seem to be hopped up on way too much testosterone.

According to Busted Coverage, this footage was taken in the locker room of the Baltimore Charm before they defeated the Philadelphia Passion 20-19 0n Saturday. No.16 on Baltimore was doing her best to inspire her teammates a la Ray Lewis, and it included a lot of barking and swear words.

“This is our time ladies.”


“No p***y sh*t.”

“We some ugly girls”

“On offense we pretty as hell.”

Check the crazy video out here: