Little Girl Can’t Play Football Because Her School Says Boys Will “Lust” Over Her

Maddy Paige

I don’t think 12-year-old boys are in the “lusting” stage, maybe curious, but lusting no. I can understand at some point it would be difficult for little girls to play football with the boys, but I think 11-12 years old is fine, nothing to make a big fuss about, but the little girl’s school is putting their foot down.

A Butts County family is outraged by their private school’s decision to prevent their daughter from playing on the school’s football team, condemning the policy as backwards and discriminatory.

Maddy Paige was the starting defensive end for the Strong Rock Christian School when she was in the sixth grade.

The 11-year-old said the school recently informed her parents that she would not be allowed to try out for the football team next season.

Maddy’s mother, Cassy Blythe, said that the Strong Rock Christian School’s CEO told her that the boys on the team would start lusting after Maddy and that locker room talk was not appropriate for a female to hear.

Private school, means private rules, but I think their reasoning is flawed. Just tell the truth, they don’t want girls playing boy sports and vice versa, don’t make the little kids seem like future porn stars.

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  • young ladies should be allowed to play football. make sure the rule book stays the same when one of these young ladies suffer a terrible football related injury.

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