Lolo Jones Says Trayvon Martin’s Friend Rachel Jeantel Looks Like Madea (Photo)


Rachel Jeantel

A young unarmed teenager lost his life way too soon and the trial of George Zimmerman will determine if that homicide was justifiable or not.

Rachel Jeantel was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before his altercation with Zimmerman. Lolo Jones decided it would be a good time to take a shot at her physical appearace on Twitter.

Lolo Jones Tweet

Lame joke, but that is what Lolo Jones’ career consist of. Making lame jokes, crying, whining, attention whoring and lying about being a virgin.  She has a history of ignorant comments.

Lolo Jones Tweet 3

If she put as much dedication into the Olympics as she does her attention whoring, she might have a gold medal by now.  Stay classy Lolo.


  1. that bitch was caught dead ass lying and even perjured herself lol and yo dumb ass gonna say THANK YOU! Mr. Zimmerman is saying that because CLEARLY she was caught lying and today was a HUGE win for Mr. Zimmerman’s case because the prosecution STAR WITNESS was caught in a BOLD FACED LIE. and you say THANK YOU?? SMDH

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