Man Suing Aaron Hernandez For Shooting His Eye Out, Says He Was Left for Dead



People have forgotten about Alexander Bradley. He is the man who says he was shot in the face by Aaron Hernandez after a night out at the strip club.

One again, it is innocent until proven guilty, but maybe Hernandez was so sloppy with leaving evidence because he had shot people for years and got away with it. Bradley’s lawyer believes when Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley, it was supposed to be a fatal bullet.

The lawyer for the man who is suing Hernandez for shooting him in the face said Friday that he thinks Hernandez left Alexander Bradley bleeding and alone in an industrial park for a reason.

I think he was left there because they thought he would be dead,” attorney David Jaroslawicz told Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

Bradley lost his right eye and some use of his arm and hand.  If you are wondering why Hernandez wasn’t arrested for that, it was because Bradley wouldn’t cooperate with police.  He is lucky to be alive today.


  1. This fool is looking for a pay day. Its horrible what happened to him but he should have cooperated with the police earlier.

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