Manu Ginobili Not Sure He’ll Return To Spurs Next Season (Video)


Spurs guard Manu Ginobili is 36 years of age, and next season would be his 12th.  Ginobili will be a free agent this summer, and when asked by Rachel Nichols, said he wasn’t sure if he’d return next season.

Having battled injuries the past few seasons, and his game clearly not the same as it was years ago, Ginobili was asked if he might hang it up and retire?

“I don’t know,” Ginobili told Rachel Nichols of Turner Sports. “I think so, I think so. The chances are, like, yes, I will keep playing and probably with the Spurs. But I am just going to wait until this is over, then in July sit with my family and think about it and decide.”

Manu might have to come down from the $14.1 million he got this season, but I fully expect Ginobili to play maybe one or two more seasons, and try to go out when Duncan and Popovich decide to call it quits as well.