Mario Williams Mocks Aaron Hernandez’s Love Of Guns Via Instagram (Photo)


Mario Williams has gone through his share of scrutiny over the past two months, so it’s no shock that Williams would jump for joy when the spot light got off of his love life, and onto the better than a movie, scenario Aaron Hernandez is going through.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Williams used his Instagram page as a tool to mock Hernandez and his affinity for handguns.

Williams photoshopped  the “Grand Theft Auto” video game logo, changed it to “Grand Theft New England,” and then added Hernandez’s face added to the body of a guy sitting on the hood of a car with a gun in his hand.


Williams couldn’t have been ripping Hernandez for his love of handguns, because Williams has several pictures on his Instagram page of him firing semi automatic’s, and other types of firearms.



Williams just went through his own media circus, and even though he didn’t kill or arm anyone, he allegedly has text messages talk about harming himself over a failed engagement. 

Mario might just want to chill.

5 thoughts on “Mario Williams Mocks Aaron Hernandez’s Love Of Guns Via Instagram (Photo)

  • Mario William is training to be in law enforcement. That’s what he trained to do in college so do your homework. The picture that he made is hilarious. Marriage problems are nothing compared to killing people and even if he harmed himself he still would only be hurting himself and hurting other people emotionally. Big difference.

  • For you to say the he himself photo shopped it is absurd! I have it on my IG too. Search the hashtag #aaronhernandez you’ll see dozens of people with it there. I’m sure he simply screen captured it and uploaded it.

  • He trained to be a peace officer. Smh to this article

  • Glenn Erby you sir are an idiot.

  • I made the photoshop (you can see my Twitter handle @ParallelRhymes on the original version near the car, the filter makes it very light). Mario Williams played no part in the creation of it. Stop spreading rumors smh.

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