Mayor Of Chicago Wants City To Host Super Bowl And NFL Draft


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made it clear he would like to host a Super Bowl and the NFL Draft in his city.  ESPN Chicago is reporting that Emanuel has had several conversations with Commissioner Goodell about the topic.

“The mayor and Roger Goodell spoke last week on a number of matters,” Emanuel’s spokesman, Tom Alexander, said to “They speak or see one another on occasion. The mayor spoke with the commissioner about several things that would allow Chicago and the NFL to expand their already wonderful relationship. Chicago is a great sports town and a great football town, and the mayor wants to build on these strengths.”

Chicago’s Soldier Field is too small to host a Super Bowl, so that idea is out.  I like the NFL Draft in New York, but I can see another big city like Chicago putting on a great draft show.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Of Chicago Wants City To Host Super Bowl And NFL Draft

  • Instead of worrying about football, Rahm Emanuel should worry about getting rid of all the violence in Chicago; especially on the southside! Since that doesn’t bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, the mayor isn’t concerned about it. On that note, I hope the Bears lose every game next season!

    • So the mayor can’t look to bring additional revenue to the city until he gets rid of “all the violence in Chicago”. The city of Chicago contributes to the NFL pie so maybe they should get a bite.

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