Mayweather Says It Was Canelo Who Proposed the Catchweight

Canelo Mayweather

Mayweather has caught some heat because he had mentioned a few times that Manny Pacquiao always makes his opponent fight at catchweights.

People are saying it is hypocritical of Mayweather to have Canelo Alvarez fighting a catchweight considering those comments. Floyd explains the difference between what happened with him and Canelo and what happens with Manny Pacquiao’s opponents to

“If I’m not mistaken, they came on record and said that they wanted to meet at a catchweight, so we came up with 152 and both parties said we’re comfortable with that. You’re going to hear people criticize me and say, “You’re doing the same thing Pacquiao is doing, fighting everybody at a catchweight,” No I’m not because Pacquiao presents that to his opponents. Once again these people brought this to me. “They said, “Well, we’ll fight Mayweather at a catchweight.” That’s all you had to say. You said that. I didn’t bring that to you guys; you guys brought it to me, then i said, “Well we can meet in the middle.” Then you said, “No, we don’t want to meet in the middle. We want to meet at 152.” So I said, “Let’s make it happen!”

That is a bit of semantics, but Canelo wasn’t getting the fight at 154, but he wasn’t going to come all the way down to 147. Mayweather’s team wanted 150 (since that is what Canelo mentioned before) and Canelo wanted 154. They met in the middle to make the fight happen.

People should concentrate on the fight being made and not the catchweight. It was a negotiated issue that both teams agreed on.