Meet Twitter Women Who Want To Have Aaron Hernandez’s Baby Even if He’s a Murderer


Aaron Hernandez Face

People describe these sayings as cliches.

“Girls are attracted to bad boys.”

“Nice guys finish last.”

Maybe there is something to these cliches.

Believe it or not you can read even more tweets like this on @NeilHamburger Twitter account.


  1. … and there it is, folks. Women wonder why guys are assholes, liars and cheats who will backhand them and break a jaw if they get out of line? Because of moronic cunts like this who will publicly verbalize that an entitled, stupid, murderer professional athlete is “hot” and dig him because he’s rich.

    Three names for you idiotic gold digging whores — Odin Lloyd, Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado — all who are dead because Hernandez “allegedly” pulled the trigger. Real classy, you dumb bitches. Sweat an accused murderer that would gladly throw you down a flight of stairs if you looked at him wrong, would cheat on you in a heartbeat and might put a few bullets in you if you turn on him.

  2. Dumbass groupies. I never understood the allure of athletes. These chicks only like him because he’s rich, famous, and goodlooking. He can still be a murderous asshole, but hey, he sexy. Give me a break. No wonder the image of a sports wife is nothing but a dumb bitch with a loud mouth.

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