Mets Approached Dating Site ‘Cougar Life’ To Get David Wright More All Star Votes

black sports online mets approach cougar life for david wright als votes


So now it’s come to this.

After a series of emails were leaked to Deadspin, the Mets had no choice but to admit they stooped down to hitting up a cougar/cub dating website to help promote David Wright’s All Star Game bid.

Wright lost out to Giant’s 3rd baseman Pedro Sandoval last year, and this year Sandoval already has a lead on him. With this year’s games taking place at CitiField the Mets went the extra effort to help Wright get into the game.

Where idea to hit up came from was Wright being voted ‘MLB’s hottest Cub’ earlier in the year. So the franchise naturally put one and one together…behold:

Good morning-

We are trying to help push David Wright into the starting line-up for the 2013 MLB All-Star Game at Citi Field (his home stadium). He currently trails in the voting by 100,000 votes, even though he won win your vote as “MLB’s Hottest Cub”. We were wondering if you would be able to blog/post a story asking your users (who apparently admire David and would love seeing him play in the All-Star Game) to go to the below link to vote David and #VoteWrightNow as he needs their help. Voting online ends July 3rd and updates come out once a week, so the more support/posts about David the better. We would be able to share weekly updates if you would like to help push “your cub” into the game and ask your members to #VoteWrightNow @

That initial email was then followed by this one from the website’s PR person

Thank you for reaching out to us! We would be delighted to partner with you guys on this initiative seeing as our females are very fond of Mr. “Right”! I’m going to meet with our social media director this afternoon to plan strategy and we’ll get back to you later today or Monday with a plan.

Quick question: David Wright is engaged, correct? If by chance he recently became single, we would love to do a “win a date” contest! 

Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

After that email exchange more words were exchanged on Monday, but once the idea was ran down the chain of command within the organization common sense took over and this was the response:

Good morning-

Unfortunately, we reached out trying to push David for the All-Star team before running our plan entirely up the chain internally. We received some pushback as we don’t feel a partnership working together would be the image that our team and David- especially since he recently got engaged- would like to portray. At this time, we don’t think a partnership together is in David’s or our organization’s best interest.

I want to thank you again for your willingness to help and hopefully your ladies still vote and help push David to the team.


This entire charade was a full out fail from the get-go. Why it took a series of emails back and forth to realize that promoting the face of your team on a cougar site is a bad idea is beyond comprehension.

Mets since sent out a statement of their own after the emails were leaked:

Cougar Life voted David Wright as the hottest cub. In our effort to expand All-Star balloting to wider audiences, so as to increase votes, we did reach out to Cougar Life. Last year there was a big swing of votes at the end that cost David the starting job. We decided to do everything to make sure that doesn’t happened again this year. We ultimately elected to pass. We thank whoever leaked this to Deadspin for increasing awareness of #VOTEWRIGHTNOW AT METS.COM.”

Some teams just don’t want to prosper…