Metta World Peace Says LeBron’s Dad Was in Jail With His Brother

Metta World Peace The Ballerina

Why is this interesting?

LeBron has never mentioned his father and no one seems to know who his father is. There has been a ton of speculation, but no one  knows for sure.

But, here comes the artist formerly known as Ron Artest saying LeBron’s father is or was in jail.

As a fan, sometimes to see LeBron not take over, I’m kind of like, ‘Come on, let’s do it.’ His pops went to jail with my older brother. My brother spent 10 years in jail, they were locked up together. I’m a fan of LeBron, so I always want to see him do well and sometimes I’m like, ‘Step it up! Start playing.’ “

MWP also says that the Heat want a championship handed to them and questions LeBron’s heart.

“Chalmers, he wants it,” World Peace said. “He gets it. He’s not as talented as LeBron, but he has more heart. That’s those Derek Fisher type of players. Players that have more heart that are not as talented and play hard.”

Lot of shots being fired, but the question begs is anything MWP saying unture?