Michael Vick Admits He Never Paid Attention during Fumbling Drills

Michael Vick



The fumbling issue for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been a problem that has followed him for years. Vick once again struggled with the fumbles last season, losing the ball a total of 11 times. Something that needs to be rectified if the Eagles have any chance of having a turnaround 2013 season.

Now we find out that Vick’s fumbling issues come down to him not really paying attention to coaches. He told Phillymag.com via ProfootballZone that he just never paid attention to coaches during fumbling drills at practice.

“As crazy as it may sound, I never carried the football correctly. And that’s partly my fault because mycoaches always got everybody in a circle and did a four-points-of-pressure drill, and I never paid attention, thought I was doing it right. Now I know how to hold it. It feels comfortable, it’s tight, so I’m just trying to challenge myself each and every day and that’s what I’m doing.”

Well Eagles’ fans, I hope Vick finds time to pay attention this season.

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  • The idea that he fumbles because if not paying attention during drills is ridiculous.

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