Miguel WWE Leg Drop Victim Claiming She Has Brain Damage

Miguel Leg Drop

I am going going to put it out there for Miguel.

Cut the check, so she will go away. Even though it was an accident this woman has hired Jackie Childs and is going to try to milk her 15 minutes of fame now.

It isn’t worth the hassle. Her lawyer is named VIP, this won’t end well.

Weeks after the May 19 broadcast, the audience member, Khyati Shah, is alleging she may have suffered a head injury tied to the incident. Shah’s lawyer tells TMZ, “Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury.”

Her lawyer further says that the fan didn’t receive proper medical attention the night of the kick, where she was videotaped holding an ice pack on her arm, not head. He says organizers gave Shah the ice pack after the performance, but adds she should have been rushed to the hospital.

Shah is now awaiting results from a neurologist, which should be in next week, and then she will decide what her next legal step will be. Last week, Shah’s lawyer referred to her “difficulties,” .

Never a bad time to post this video though.

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  • These celebs and atheletes have to think before they act and talk !!!!
    Damn Miguel, make this go away … Fast !!!

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