Mike Vick’s Mistress Writing Book About Their Affair & Wants You to Pay For It


Mike Vick, Luck

Let me make sure I understand what is going on here.

A woman named Bella Escritor is writing a tell-all book documenting their affair, but wants you to help her publish it. Yep, that sounds about right in 2013.

Here is how she describes the book and why you should help her pay for it..

The non fiction novel will be about an NFL player who currently still plays as a starting Quarterback. After having a 10 year relationship with him, Bella now feels the need to move on with her own life. The one thing holding her back are all of the many secrets she kept inside for this man. Telling his secrets to Bella was his way of a release in order to move on with his own life. Need funds to cut out the middle man and self publish the novel. The novel will include personal documents such as love letters, photographs, text messages.

Michael Vick Mistress

The story is a personal account of the author’s true life experiences and relationship with a loved and hated NFL Quarterback. The secrets are personal and revealing them to the public will be a major step that will include a moral compass for the writer. All of the content is owned by the writer and therefore will not be a problem legally. The media will more than likely have a field day with this novel once it is written and the secrets of this Quarterback are made public knowledge.

When she realized she wasn’t getting enough cash being so vague, she went ahead and said it was Vick. I debated if I wanted to even put up the information on how you can help her, but then I figured if someone is dumb enough to contribute, that is on them.

As you can see she has $160 of the $22k she wants.  I am not an expert on book publishing, but I don’t think you need $22k to get the ball rolling on a book, but I digress.

Vick is happily married now, but in this day and age that doesn’t really matter does it?


  1. It’s not a book about an affair according to what I read. Its a book about secrets being released. Well we know whose side your on. Did I see you at one of the dogfights?

  2. Im gonna give this chick her money for the book cause I wanna know what Vick’s hiding. ten years is not a groupie story. That’s a relationship. Im sure she knows a lot after 10 years. I read the piece online and its not about sex or affairs. and my folks in Atlanta know vick loved this girl. lets see how he tries to lie about that

  3. On some real shit, I think it’s pretty smart to use a crowdsourcing service like Kickstarter to help independently publish a book. I see a lot of authors doing it. But you are right, $22K is fucking nuts. Best of luck to the little skeeza though 🙂

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