Mike Wallace’s Father: Mike Turned Down $76 Million from the Vikings

Mike Wallace



New Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace was one of the big prizes in this year’s free agency class and by all accounts most certainly cashed in. Wallace signed a five-year, $60 million deal with the Dolphins and immediately gives young quarterback Ryan Tannehill a true number one receiver on the outside to throw to.

Apparently though, Wallace had his share of other suitors, specifically the Minnesota Vikings. If you ask his father, the Vikings were willing to pay even more than the Dolphins ultimately did.

According to Wallace’s father, Mike Wallace III, Wallace turned down a $76 million offer from the Minnesota Vikings, who later signed Greg Jennings for five-years, $45 million.

“I know this: He’s going to give Miami their money’s worth,” Wallace’s father said. “Dolphins fans are going to love him. He worked hard and deserved everything he got. So don’t call him selfish.”

I don’t personally think Mike Wallace is selfish, I just think that when a player holds out for money it can come off like that. Football is a violent sport, where the wrong hit can end a career.

So I’m always pro-player when they’re trying to get a new contract. And the fact that he actually took less to go to Miami, shows he isn’t necessarily all about the money.