Mikey Garcia KO of Juan Manuel Lopez (Video)

Mikey Garcia

There was a time Juan Manuel Lopez was thought of as the next big star in boxing. This is why I always say never crown someone too early.

Lopez is only 29, but his career as a main event fighter is over. Garcia on the other hand is the hot fighter everyone is talking about.

Garcia should be called out for not making weight (he was supposed to weigh 126 for this featherweight fight, but was 128). He blamed it on being sick, but normally being sick makes you lose weight, not gain weight. Garcia lost his title and some cash because of it, but his performance was impressive nevertheless.

It was a slow brutal destruction of Lopez that ended like this.

Garcia will probably move up to 130, since he has so many issues making weight.

In the main event undercard Terence Crawford scored a 6th round TKO of Alejandro Sanabria.