MRI Reveals Tony Parker Has Slight Strain In Hamstring


As we reported last night, Tony Parker suffered a hamstring injury in the first half of the Spurs game three blowout over the Heat, that limited him to only 27 minutes.

Parker was scheduled to get an MRI on that hamstring sometime this morning.    That MRI is completed, and according to Marc Spears, Parker has a slight hamstring strain.

The question now is will Gregg Popovich rest Parker and see what happens in game four without him, or will he make a game time decision on Parker, and see how it plays out.



2 thoughts on “MRI Reveals Tony Parker Has Slight Strain In Hamstring

  • Those Heat are going to get another break SMH.

    • Not true.I am a heat fan.I pride myself on understanding the game.Here is some knowledge for you.The spurs are giveng the heat shots becuase the heat are not a feild goal team like OKC and the lakers.maimi points come from the drive.Thus,the spurs are giveng them the shot.In order for maimi to win they must drive to the basket.Here the catch:in the first half the spurs maintain there shot selection which allows them to trail miami the entire game.So even if miami tried to drive and got a 5 point lead the spurs would whip that away in a matter of minutes with there half court play.Miaim needs bosh to play like a big and wade needs to catch green on those backdoor screens.That wont happen because bosh is a finess player and wade cant chase green with a bum knee.If miami wonts to win they have to go all out on the Defensive end “offense be damned”.Let turn overs, transition points,and iso for the other guys generate points.They need to use bosh as a decoy and wade needs to guard someone not name green.I know it seems like this wont work and that is exactly what pop wonts spo to think but it will.Understand the game with in the game.The weakness of miaimi is Dwades defense and pop will keep conductiing his offensive plays on wades side of the court.

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