NBA Announces Officials For Game 7 Pacers vs. Heat

Scott Foster

Social media would have blown up in outrage if Joey or Danny Crawford would have been involved, so the NBA did the smart thing and went with lower profile officials.

Scott Foster is the lead official with Mike Callahan and Ken Mauer joining him. Foster was the ref in Game 2, while Callahan and Mauer worked Game 3.

Keep an eye on Mauer, he has been known to have a short fuse.

2 thoughts on “NBA Announces Officials For Game 7 Pacers vs. Heat

  • More and more people suspect that the NBA is fixed; especially after the terrible calls Joey Crawford made in game 3 and game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • If the NBA was fixed the Heat would be playing the Knicks. Also the NBA did not have a top 15 media in its final four. Pretty bad job of fixing games.

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