NBA Draft Prospect Alex Len Girlfriend Is 6’7″

alex len girlfriend 6-7

Say hello to the tallest couple that will be attending the NBA draft. The young Ukraine star Alex Len is rumored to be the #1 draft pick by the Cleveland Cavilers tonight, which seems ideal after the Cavilers acquired the assistance of Vitaly Potapenko. Potapenko is a former Cavaliers center also from Ukraine, and will be assisting the Cavilers as a player-development coach.

The fun fact about Len, however is his girlfriend Essence Townsend is almost as tall as he is standing at 6-foot-7. Townsend, who plays for the University of Maryland women’s basketball team, began dating Len shortly after he arrived on campus.

If Townsend takes her talents to the WNBA, you may have a new addition to the “Love and Basketball” romance. Move over Kevin Durant and Monica Wright.

Alex Len and girlfriend Essence Townsend

3 thoughts on “NBA Draft Prospect Alex Len Girlfriend Is 6’7″

  • This is the kind of negligent ‘reporting’ we as the fans have to put up with these days. Tasha Nicole makes two statements that are in no way true. First, she says the NBA draft is tonight. No, the NBA draft is Thursday June 27th. Second, she says Essence Townsend is almost as tall as Alex Len. Alex is 7’1 and Essence is 6’7. That is a difference of 6 inches and comparable to saying Kobe is as tall as Shaq. Keep up the great reporting tho! Easy to do when you can just say whatever you want without any truth to it!

  • Is it just me, or is Cavaliers misspelled multiple times? Proofreading is very important for a journalist.

  • Soooo…y’all also don’t mention that the Washington Post ran this story on June 25th, or give photo credit? Kinda bootleg. This is why people don’t support our efforts. Credibility and accuraccy go along with journalism, not to mention authenticity. Get hip.

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