NBA Draft’s Most Memorable Fashions

Jalen Rose NBA Draft

It’s draft time again and just like I did in April with the NFL draft, I’ve decided to take a stroll down NBA Draft memory lane by recognizing some the evening’s most memorable fashions…well in most cases most regrettable.

Jalen Rose

Jalen took it straight to his Detroit roots in 1994 with this red pinstripe suit with awkwardly printed tie. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sporting red gators to match…I mean it’s the Motor City way.

Jalen Rose NBA Draft

Charles Barkley

We must remember that this was 1984 so this burgundy double-breasted suit with matching skinny tie was probably considered pretty fashionable. Thankfully in this day when 80’s fashion is returning with a vengeance, this style was left in 1984.

Charles Barkley NBA Draft

Larry Johnson

From the middle part in his head right down to the tightly laced white Nike Cortez sneakers with black socks Larry Johnson is serving 1991 fashion at it’s best or worst…

Larry Johnson NBA Draft

Tim Thomas

Apparently Tim Thomas told the tailor at the suit store in 1997…”Naw man, I’m good. I’m going to go ahead and rock this 10x suit.”

Tim Thomas Draft Night

Wesley Johnson

Who could forget this varied patterned ensemble Wesley Johnson gave us in 2010. Although it’s not nearly as bad as the other, young Wes was trying a little too hard.

Wesley Johnson NBA Draft

Maurice Taylor

Detriot’s in tha house!!!…again circa 1997. By the way, friends don’t let friends wear teal pinstripe suits…EVER.

Maurice Taylor NBA Draft

Chuck Person

Well…I guess Chuck Person was living that YOLO lifestyle WAY before Drake. If you’re getting drafted top 5 in the 1986 draft why not go all out with a white tuxedo with fuchsia cummerbund and bow tie set. That’s YOLO for sure.

Chuck Person NBA Draft

Drew Gooden

I know Drew thought he was killing the game in 2004 with hidden buttoned suit…unfortunately that was hardly the case. Guess he told the tailor he didn’t need his services also.

 Drew Gooden Draft Night

Samaki Walker

And the award goes to…The addition of the hat alone makes this one of the all time worst. The only thing Walker needed with the creamed ensemble was a gold tooth and cane.

Samaki Walker NBA Draft

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