Nikke Sanni Says She Was Told To Lie About Deion Sanders Hiding Money From Pilar

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You know what the problem is with lying? In order to be successful at it, you must constantly remember your previous lie and keep repeating it until it becomes your false truth.

Deion and Pilar Sanders have constantly made headlines both accusing one another of shameful acts in an attempt to one up each other in court. Things took an unexpected turn when Nikke Sanni came into the picture. She presented herself as an innocent bystander who simply overheard Dallas mega pastor T.D. Jakes discussing how Deion could hide money from Pilar during their divorce, while her boyfriend Fred Hammond was in the room.

However what’s done in the dark always has a way of coming out in the light.

Since coming out with her story, Fred Hammond came out disputing the story and now Pilar finds herself without a publicist. Kali Bowyer resigned as her publicist claiming Pilar’s inability to be honest about situations was ultimately the cause for their demise and is now allegedly working with her ex-husband Deion Sanders.

The resignation letter struck a nerve with Nikke Sanni, and she reached out to BSO to tell her side of the story.

You have recently contacted BSO to share your side of the story. Why?
I believe Kali Bowyer is working overtime to make the public view me negatively. And due to the aggressive manner in which she’s spreading these lies, I’ve only wanted to defend myself.

The meeting you overheard between Deion and T.D was around February 2011 correct? There was never any meeting. The entire story was created by Kali in order to give herself some “weight” so that blogs would run her stories about Pilar.  She told me that blogs would no longer pick up her stories about Pilar. When I was approached it was … “I need you to do this … How could you not do this for your friend … Just talk to the girl (CherryonTop) for me to regain their interest in Pilar … I assure you it won’t make it online” … so I did it to help her. A day after the interview was done she called me and stated that the woman wanted to run the story. I repeatedly asked her if she could prevent the release of the “interview” and she told me she wouldn’t because she needed it in order to run other stories for Pilar and that I should get over it.

Ms. Bowyer in her resignation letter accused you of wanting to gain fame and attention by constantly contacting different media outlets for interviews. Is there any truth behind her comments? What kind of relationship did the two of you have?

I asked Ms. Bowyer, via Twitter DM, how to break into entertainment careers. Not how to become “famous.” My interest was in behind the scenes careers. Being that she presented herself as a PR, I figured she’d have firsthand knowledge of how to get there. The question was asked MONTHS BEFORE the interview was conducted. In reference to me contacting media outlets for interviews, I doubt anyone would be okay with seeing their name slandered worldwide online or have their character assassinated by lies.
Was anything promised or offered to you for testifying on behalf of Pilar or since coming forward has T.D Jakes or Deion attempted to contact you?

Pilar never offered me anything. I don’t plan to testify at their divorce trial nor did I have ANY desire to testify at the custody hearing. I was at the custody trial to support my friend. Not to testify. I haven’t been contacted by Bishop Jakes but I have been contacted by Deion’s attorney. I believe his name is Rick. I told him months ago how Kali created the story and that it was a lie. I also told him I had NO DESIRE to testify.

Do you regret coming forward and speaking about what you heard?

I regret answering Kali’s phone call that day. I regret allowing myself to be persuaded into doing something I knew was wrong. I regret hurting Fred in any way. He’s been one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life. I regret involving Bishop’s name in this. I regret not listening to my gut and involving myself in something that had nothing to do with me. I regret not coming forth sooner.

What is it that you want people to know about Nikke Sanni?
 I want people to know that … I was just trying to be a friend. I sat in court and watched my friend lose her babies. It was heartbreakingly tragic. And as a mother, I mourned her loss. I watched Pilar get torn to pieces in that courtroom full of Deion Sanders fans. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do but my heart was moving faster than my brain. I have no desire to be famous. I’m trying to clear my name, Fred’s name and Bishop’s name … and go back to being just Nikke.

There you have it. It was all a lie in an effort to protect her friend, but what I don’t understand is how does orchestrating a lie about money help your friend regain custody of her children?  It doesn’t.

It’s worth noting after our initial interview; Sanni informed me that Pilar didn’t know about this elaborated lie until after her interview was published. I can be wrong, but as friend it doesn’t seem believable that you would do an interview with a website, which will obviously impact your friend’s life, but you don’t stop to talk it over with her beforehand. Secondly, if someone told you to just talk to a website and they are asking you questions pertaining to a specific incident that is an interview.

The only thing I can do is analyze the information I’m presented with and comb through the tales until I find a conclusion. Sanni wanted to help her friend during a time of need, but didn’t stop and think about the outcome of her decisions. The only issue I’m presented with as Sanni tries to make amends and tell her side of the story is she only does so partially. When someone apologizes and tries to make amends they do so fully not partially.

She mentioned she was trying to clear her name, Fred’s name and Bishop’s name… but never mention Deion’s name. Regardless of what she may think of him due to her friendship with Pilar, she did publicly lie on him which could have impacted his public perception, yet she failed to mention him. Oppose to simply admitting fault by saying I tried to help my friend and lied, the blame is being shifted to the publicist. Is she innocent? I doubt it. However when you are trying to clear your name the public is always more forgiving when you can admit your own mistake without trying to blame others in the process.

Who is right and who is wrong isn’t for me to decided. I don’t know if lies are justified, but I do know it takes a lot of courage to admit your fault. Now hopefully we can put a lid on the situation.

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  • Great article!

  • Just seeing this for the first time…

    My father once told me that enough money will change anyone. This is only true if money is your end game. If however it is accountability you seek, there isn’t enough money in the world to buy your silence even if you are pressured to package your silence as a lie.

    David Lee
    God’s Peace!

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