Notre Dame Recruit Apologizes; Removes Video Of Him Flushing Bama Letter

Roll Toilet 2

Never underestimate the power of social networks…

We reported earlier that Notre Dame recruit Elijah Wood posted a video of himself flushing recruiting letters from Alabama down the toilet. Well, that video has now gone viral and like most people do when they get unwanted or negative attention, the high school senior has apologized for his video and removed it.

“I want to apologize,” he said. “It was an attempt at humor. I have no disdain or disrespect for their program (at Alabama). It was just a joke. It’s a privilege to be a Division I athlete, of course. It was something that was a joke and I’ve got to put it behind me now.”

“I learned a little lesson,” he said. “Things can blow up pretty quickly. That’s what happens. I already am conscious about posting things but honestly, it was a joke and some people don’t have the same sense of humor I guess.”

I didn’t see anything wrong with the video. If you’re going to introduce yourself to newest popular social networking site Vine, why not do it with a bang. All he did was flush some letters down the toilet, no need to apologize for that.

H/T: Charlotte Observer