Pacman Jones’ Punch Victim Claims Harrassment, No Mention of Pouring Drink on Him



Can’t tell half the story.

The tape more or less shows you exactly what happened, but before we watch the tape again, here is the victim’s side of the story.

In the 911 call obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the alleged victim said that she was “punched in the head by a Bengals player named Pacman Jones outside a bar.”

“I want him arrested,” she said.

Here’s the alleged victim’s description of the incident: “It happened really fast. He was harassing my friends and saying derogatory things towards my friend and I stood up to him and he called me a ‘bitch’ and punched me in the head.”

Now let’s watch the tape.

Using common sense, it appears something set Pacman off, probably the asking of the photo. Pacman had ample opportunity to walk away, but kept yapping. At some point, the woman approaches Pacman, only the witnesses can confirm what was said. She does something with her drink close to Pacman’s face, before he decks her with a straight right hand.

Was he justified? You make the call.

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