Photos of Evelyn Lozada’s Bloody Gash From Chad Johnson’s Headbutt


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Regardless of what you think about Evelyn Lozada or Chad Johnson personally, simply put, as man unless your life is in some danger, you can’t be busting females foreheads open like this.

I will be first to admit I thought maybe Evelyn was exaggerating her injuries, but the photos don’t lie, that is a pretty nasty wound.


Chad has acknowledge on that night he lost control and honestly he should consider himself extremely lucky he didn’t find himself in jail for a long period of time because of it (the 7 days he spent in jail wasn’t because of this. but for butt slapping his attorney).

Simple rule for all men, if you find yourself getting angry enough at a woman to hit, slap or in this case headbutt her, just walk away and save yourself the trouble. Chad Johnson lost an entire career because he didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Photos of Evelyn Lozada’s Bloody Gash From Chad Johnson’s Headbutt

  • I don’t agree with either gender hitting someone because they’re mad. Humans have enough restraint to do everything else, but I don’t why we think “violence” is the solution to every damn thing.

    That being said I hate when people dismiss violence, abuse or rape victims for some ignorant cultural thinking.It’s so annoying and why many of victims die without telling anyone.

  • Why are these pics coming out now a year later the problem that I have with Evelyn is it hard to feel sorry for her because these pictures were released for motive not to help or show awareness to domestic violence. This woman is pathetic.

  • Ochocinco should not have dated this woman to begin with. Remeber, Evil Lyn used to date Antoine Walker and look where he is right now. I bet my next paycheck another athlete is going to screw around with this chick and end up with a huge problem. I never thought women could be more evil than Robin Givens, I was wrong.

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