Police Believe Aaron Hernandez Murdered His Friend Because He Talked Too Much

Aaron Hernandez Struggle Face

The motive still seems a bit shaky, unless you believe Aaron Hernandez is a sociopath. Now, there is evidence that Hernandez might be a serial killer, so while the motive maybe flimsy to some, it doesn’t take a lot to set a crazy person off.

Here is the working theory the police are going with.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … there are several operating theories, but a prevailing one based on evidence they have already unearthed is that Lloyd “mouthed off” to Hernandez about “secrets” Hernandez had told him in the past.

As for what the nature of the secrets — we’re told they involve 2 issues: Aaron’s involvement in drugs and Aaron’s involvement in several violent incidents

The theory is that Hernandez went ballistic after Lloyd started throwing damaging information in Hernandez’s face — information Hernandez thought would end his relationship with his fiancée and his football career.

So, if you are to believe the police, Lloyd was murdered to silence him forever. It seems like a better plan would have been to just give him some cash, but we will see how the defense tries to poke holes in the motive.