Police Say Bubblicious Gum Places Aaron Hernandez at Murder Scene

Aaron Hernandez Face

It always innocent until proven guilty, but if you are to believe the prosecutors Aaron Hernandez maybe one of the dumbest criminals off all time.

The amount of evidence that leads back to him and his crime while circumstantial is still significant. One of the key pieces of evidence is a piece of gum believe it or not.

During the hearing, prosecutors say they can prove Hernandez stopped at a gas station hours before the murder and purchased gas, cigarettes and BLUE COTTON CANDY FLAVORED BUBBLICIOUS BUBBLE GUM.

After Odin was murdered, investigators say they found a shell casing in his rental car that matched the caliber of the bullet used to kill the 27-year-old … and next to the casing — A CHEWED PIECE OF BLUE COTTON CANDY FLAVORED BUBBLICIOUS BUBBLE GUM.

In the end one of the reasons Aaron Hernandez might go down is because of Bubblicious.  Sounds like something you see on Discovery ID, but this is real life CSI happening right before our eyes.