Rapper Gunplay’s WWF Winged Eagle Belt Tattoo (Photo)


Via TMZ, Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay recently revealed his newest ink, a replica of the famous WWF Winged Eagle title belt, arguably the most popular wrestling title ever. It is decent work, but it has nothing on the tattoo we featured here a few years ago.

Justin Deming, a bartender from St. Louis, was featured on our site in an image that instantly went viral. (It was one of the Top 10 posts of 2011 at BSO.)

champishere tattoo

Easily trumps Gunplay’s ink, and at that point it was no where near completed. We did a follow up interview a little while later and he had filled in more details.


Today, Deming (who you can follow @DeyeMofo posted an updated pic (ignore the fact that it’s a bathroom selfie)


Maybe Deming can parlay this into an appearance in an upcoming MMG music video?