Ravens Courtney Upshaw Blames “Personal Issues” For Being Overweight


Last year former Alabama All American linebacker Courtney Upshaw got off to a rough start as a rookie for the Baltimore Ravens.

Upshaw is entering a season where the Ravens are without Ray Lewis, Danell Ellerbe, and pass rusher Paul Kruger, so you would assume Upshaw would be preparing for a huge second season.

Upshaw is currently 285 pounds out of shape, and according to The Baltimore Sun, he’s blaming some personal problems for all the weight he’s carrying.

“I’ve got to drop a couple pounds and get ready for the season,” Upshaw said. “My offseason has been kind of hectic. I had a personal issue where I had to handle that. Right now, I’m trying to get back into football shape. I was back and forth between Alabama and Baltimore, just real personal issues that I had to handle. Just trying to drop a couple pounds and get ready for the season.”

Upshaw hinted that he was fairly confident and looking forward to the 2013 season despite all the weight he’s carrying.

“I’m feeling good,” Upshaw said. “I’ve just got to look good. It’s not really a good look coming in heavy like the first year, but I’ve got to be a pro about everything. I’m trying to improve year in and year out in every aspect, and that’s even with the weight issue.”