Raw Sewage Flooded The Oakland A’s Lockerroom

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I think the Oakland A’s just made their case for a new stadium bid.

The Mariners and A’s ended up sharing lockerrooms after a disgusting incident involving raw sewage flooding through the stadium.

According to AP via Deadspin:

the pipes backed up on the lower levels of the stadium during Oakland’s 10-2 victory, creating a stink and pools of water in the clubhouses used by both teams and the umpires. …

Coliseum officials said the six-day homestand, which drew 171,756 fans, overtaxed the plumbing system at the 47-year-old stadium.

Several Mariners left without showering. Towels were used to block sewage from running into the players’ general dressing area.

Still the A’s chances of getting a new stadium anytime soon remain slim. Cisco field, the proposed stadium in San Jose  won’t open until 2017 the earliest, if it even gets built at all.

Crappy situation for the A’s…

2 thoughts on “Raw Sewage Flooded The Oakland A’s Lockerroom

  • If the owner of the A’s put more money into his team, then they would get a stadium built. Why do like the Marlins and build a stadium and no one shows up.

    • Faustjoe, WTH are you saying? What does putting more money into the 1st place A’s (42-30) have to do with getting a stadium built. The new proposed stadium is a MLB political situation with being in the Giants territory in SJ. Second, what the hell does the Marlin’s situation have to do with the A’s and what the hell is your point?

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