Ray Allen Rejects Spike Lee’s Request To Film “He Got Game” Spoof

Ray Allen He Got Game

Ray Allen seemed to be channeling his inner Jesus Shuttlesworth, the character he played in the 1998 movie “He Got Game”, in game 6 of the NBA Finals. After his game changing performance Spike Lee, who directed the movie and is apparently trying to make a spoof of the film, was denied access to Allen when showed up at shootaround trying to get footage.

H/T NY Post

When Lee approached the Miami PR staffer, he was told Allen does not speak at shootarounds. It was unclear if the Miami publicist recognized Spike initially.

When Lee persisted, he was told Allen will be told of the request. Soon after, Lee got the bad news. Allen felt it would be too distracting before Thursday night’s monumental Game 7 against the Spurs and was sticking to his shootaround policy.

I can’t believe Spike Lee showed up unannounced to film a movie at shoot around before game 7 of the NBA Finals. As an avid NBA fan he knows better, but I must admit I would be interested in seeing that project.