Reggie Bush: No Excuse for Lions to Not Have #1 Offense in NFL

Reggie Bush



New Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush has had a lot to say about his new home even in just his short time there. Going on record saying that quarterback Matthew Stafford can be a Hall of Famer, and even going as far to say he went to Detroit to win championships.

So his latest comments via the team website regarding a team that went only 4-12 last season shouldn’t be that surprising to you. In fact, you should expect this type of confident talk from Bush moving forward.

“Getting to know my teammates, I’m not finding anything I didn’t already know or expect. Stafford – he’s great. He has a really strong arm. He seems like a very good leader. Seems like he has all the intangibles that you need in your quarterback. Calvin Johnson’s a beast. Nate Burleson’s another guy that’s a vet and seems like a leader and a hard worker. Again, another good player.”

“Honestly, I believe there’s no excuse for us not to have the No. 1-ranked offense. We have all the right pieces and the necessary players here to be the top offense in the league. No excuse.”

Health and the development of Matthew Stafford are the keys to making Bush’s statement a reality. I’m sure the Lions would love to have the no. 1 offense in the league, but wins should be the biggest priority.

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  • In 2007, quarterback Jon Kitna said the same thing. Look how that season turned out. The Detroit Lions will find a way to lose a bunch of games and miss the playoffs again. That city and their sports teams are cursed!

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