Report: Brooklyn Nets Interested in Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett


With Doc Rivers officially the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, the rebuilding phase for the Boston Celtics has commenced. Because the league has made it clear that no subsequent trades between the Clippers and Celtics can be made, there has been speculation on where Kevin Garnett will play next season or whether or not he will just decide to retire.

Part of the issue with pursuing Garnett, is the full no-trade clause he has in his current contract. That didn’t stop Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King from at least calling the Celtics to gauge interest in a Garnett real, via RealGM.

The Brooklyn Nets are pursuing a trade for Kevin Garnett, according to sources.

Garnett is reportedly interested in playing for the Nets.

Garnett would have approved a trade from the Boston Celtics to the Los Angeles Clippers. With the Doc Rivers’ deal being approved by the NBA, the Clippers and Celtics cannot exchange players until the 14-15 season.

We’ll have to see whether Garnett gives the green light for the two teams to work out a deal. Even if he does, there is no guarantee a deal will be completed.