Report: Canucks Offer John Tortorella Head Coaching job

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According to a report via David Ebner of The Globe and Mail, former New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella, has been offered a job just a few weeks after being fired.

The Vancouver Canucks are on the verge of hiring the fiery John Tortorella as head coach, news that emerges on the same morning that disposed Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault is officially named the incoming head coach of the New York Rangers.

In Tortorella’s 12-year career as an NHL head coach, he has led a team past the second round of the playoffs twice, winning the Stanley Cup in Tampa in 2004 and losing in the conference finals with New York in 2011-12 after winning the conference in the regular season.

What’s really odd about this potential hiring is that the Rangers just hired former Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault, so both teams would essentially be exchanging coaches.

The Canucks seem to think they need Tortorella’s fiery personality to get them over the hump, either way, the NHL is more entertaining league with him in it.