Report: Celtics Looking Into Sign and Trade Deal for Josh Smith

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This is the time when NBA trade rumors and free agent signings will be poured out like liquor after a Heat Championship. Don’t believe anything, until the deal is actually done.

It is all speculation at this point. Some things make more sense than others, but use your brain before blindly thinking it is going to happen.

Case in point this nugget from the Sporting News about the Celtics and Josh Smith.

If the Celtics can unload Pierce to a team with enough cap space to absorb his salary, they will get a trade exception worth Pierce’s salary, or $15.3 million. And if that happens, the plan is already in place. According to a source, the Celtics have a sign-and-trade offer ready for Atlanta forward Josh Smith that would be the top priority in free agency.

Lot of “ifs”, I think the Celtics waited a year too late to rebuild, but we will see how quickly they can do it.