Report: Doc Rivers Almost got Into a Fight With Rajon Rondo

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It seems Rajon Rondo is apt at getting under the skin of others. And that would be a good thing if his ability to agitate was exclusive to his opponents, but that clearly isn’t the case.

The common consensus is that one of the main reasons Ray Allen bolted for South Beach, was because of his deteriorating relationship with the talented point guard.

Now according to a report courtesy Brian Kotloff of Sports Illustrated, Rondo’s petulance is one reason why Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers is looking to leave. Apparently the relationship between the two was so bad that Rivers tried to fight Rondo this past season.

Doc Rivers’s “intense dislike” for Rajon Rondo is the primary reason the coach wants to leave the Boston Celtics, according to Chris Sheridan of

The feud between Rivers and his point guard led to an incident during a team meeting in the locker room in which Rondo cursed at Rivers, who responded by trying to fight Rondo before the “fracas” was broken up, a source close to the team told Sheridan.

The report does not specify when the fight occurred.

This would explain why Rondo’s name seems to always be in trade rumors. Rondo plays with a chip on his shoulder and it has helped get him into the upper echelon of NBA point guards, but when it starts affecting his relationship with teammates and coaches, then it becomes counterproductive.

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