Report: Doc Rivers Open to Coaching Other Teams

Oklahoma City Thunder v Boston Celtics

Doc Rivers is the Brett Favre of coaching.

Every year it is either will he stay or will he go. Just like Favre he will likely stay with the Celtics, but the Boston Herald reports that he would be open to go to another team.

Whereas Rivers had said he would coach only the Celtics next season, choosing between another year on the bench or a sabbatical, sources said he is now open to other jobs in the NBA, providing it’s a very good situation and that the team and the Celts can agree on fair compensation.

In any case, those close to the matter are saying Rivers should be stating his intentions within the next several days. He had reportedly planned to take longer to decide, but an outbreak of media reports has pressed him into acting sooner.

I expect Rivers to be back on the bench for the Celtics next year.