Report: Dwyane Wade will Avoid Knee Surgery

Dwyane Wade


Even though the Miami Heat were able to secure their second straight NBA title this season, anyone with eyes could see the guard Dwyane Wade at times looked like a shell of his former self. Only averaging 15.9 ppg throughout the playoffs, ‘what’s wrong with D-Wade?’ became a common topic among analysts and sports fans alike.

Although for the most part he avoided talking about his knee injuries, we reported about a week ago that Wade had chronic arthritis in one of his knees on top of an acute bone bruise in the other. Despite that, reportedly Wade will pass on any knee surgery this off-season.

“There will be a few treatments, but it won’t be surgery,” Wade said Friday morning. “A lot of rest is going to be key for them. I’m going to treat my knees very well this summer.”

“I’m about gutting it out,”

Whatever Wade think is best I guess, but I will say Kobe Bryant would highly recommend a flight to Germany if he has the time.