Report: Eagles Offered Job To Kevin Sumlin


A bit of news has surfaced that I’m sure will have sports radio churning today here in Philadelphia.

The San Antonio Express-News is reporting that after Chip Kelly initially turned down the Eagles head coaching job, the team owner Jeffery Lurie turned their attention to Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin.

Sumlin always said that he had offers from NFL teams to become an assistant coach, and hinted that he had an offer from one team to become the head coach.

Sumlin though would not specifically say which team.

“I don’t have to say anything,” Sumlin said in response to his name being associated with future pro jobs. “Everybody knows what I do (now). I’ve never coached in the NFL. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to do that, both as an assistant coach and even as a head coach. But there’s a reason I coach college football, and we’ve got a lot of work to do here. We’re still playing catch-up, and we finished third in the SEC West last year (behind Alabama and LSU).

“By no means have we arrived.”

It’s a moot point now, but had Sumlin decided to take the job, Chip Kelly would not be here, and ironically, the Eagles would still be prepared to run some form of the offense they are running now.

It would have been fun to spend the whole 2013 season talking about the possibility of the Eagles drafting Johnny Manziel in 2014.