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Report: Floyd Mayweather Places $5.9 Million Bet on the Heat in Game 7

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2013
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Two conflicting reports coming out of Vegas.

If they are correct, that is an insane of amount of money, even for Mayweather to bet on a basketball game, but it does make watching it more intriguing.

If you aren’t a gambler laying the over on -7 just means that the Heat can’t just win for Mayweather to win his bet, they have to beat the Pacers by 7 or more points.  If Heat win by more than 7, Mayweather will win approximately $5.3 million.

If that happens he will cash out, but if he loses, well I guess it won’t matter that much since he will make over $50 million fighting Canelo Alvarez, but that would be more than 10% of his earnings.

If you had $50 and someone took $10, you would be upset even if you had $40 left.

The Pregame stream is not affiliated with Pregame.com.  I have known RJ for a very long time and so if he says there isn’t anything to it, there probably isn’t.  So take the stream with a grain of salt.

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  1. Craig says:

    If I have 50 and lose 10 u DAMN straight I’m upset because i’ve done that recently $40 is not the same as $50 no matter how close they are

  2. Kuhne says:

    Remember Floyd signed a 200 mill contract with showtime plus all the earnings he has made in the past.

    Still. If this is what he does with his money then it won’t last long

  3. Robbin Legette says:

    Would be nice if he could send some of that to my community college on my nursing tuition, these book prices are ridiculous and now they are making packages so you have to spend extra.

  4. nba is fixed says:

    Don’t accuse me of being a hater, but I believe Floyd will be broke in ten years.

  5. Vegas Guy says:


    You need a primer on the basics of wagering. First, a -7 straight bet is different from an over/under total wager which is the total points scored by both teams combined. Also, your 50/40 analogy is inaccurate. If he wagers $5.9 million and the Heat win by more than 7, he wins $5.3million (assuming a 10 point, or percent vig) ON TOP OF the $5.9million he put down. Just thought you should know.
    BTW, the veracity of the story is questionable. There is no Vegas sports book, or books combined, that would take a $5.9million wager on a single game. If true, he must have done it elsewhere.

    • Vegas Guy Is Wrong says:

      The 50/40 analogy is fine, you just didn’t understand it. He wasn’t comparing Mayweather’s earnings from the Alvaraez fight (the “50”) to his remaining earnings if he had _lost_ the Heat bet (the remaining ~$43 million, or in other words the “40” in the 50/40 analogy).

      And his name is Roger.

      But nice try anyways.

  6. Larry Holmes says:

    You only live once, so spend it the way you want to Floyd. His money, so he can do whatever he want to with it. Get a JOB

  7. ELove says:

    HIS Money aka EARNINGS (HIS Problems…)

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