Report: Floyd Mayweather Places $5.9 Million Bet on the Heat in Game 7



Two conflicting reports coming out of Vegas.

If they are correct, that is an insane of amount of money, even for Mayweather to bet on a basketball game, but it does make watching it more intriguing.

If you aren’t a gambler laying the over on -7 just means that the Heat can’t just win for Mayweather to win his bet, they have to beat the Pacers by 7 or more points.  If Heat win by more than 7, Mayweather will win approximately $5.3 million.

If that happens he will cash out, but if he loses, well I guess it won’t matter that much since he will make over $50 million fighting Canelo Alvarez, but that would be more than 10% of his earnings.

If you had $50 and someone took $10, you would be upset even if you had $40 left.

The Pregame stream is not affiliated with  I have known RJ for a very long time and so if he says there isn’t anything to it, there probably isn’t.  So take the stream with a grain of salt.

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  • You only live once, so spend it the way you want to Floyd. His money, so he can do whatever he want to with it. Get a JOB

  • HIS Money aka EARNINGS (HIS Problems…)

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