Report: Jets Not Impressed With Geno Smith


If you listened to reports surrounding the New York Jets and their quarterback mess, you would assume Mark Sanchez only has a few practices left before he’s released or shipped somewhere else.

ESPN New York is saying not so fast to rumors oh Sanchez’s demise.  Several reports that 2nd round pick Geno Smith has a ways to go, and some are suggesting that the Jets are not impressed with Smith at all.

Judging from what I’ve seen and heard, rookie Geno Smith hasn’t blown anybody away, the way Russell Wilson did last season when he walked into the Seahawks’ facility. It’s still early and things could change, but the way this is headed, it’ll be Sanchez versus the Bucs in Week 1. That’s the way it should be. Unless Smith is lights-out in the preseason, the Jets should open with Sanchez.

Todays new age of media allows for constant speculation on how well a player may or may not be doing.  Reports from a couple of weeks ago suggested that Smith was far and away the hands down favorite to be the Jets starter by July.

We can only takes these reports with a grain of salt and allow the situation to play out.