Richard Sherman Says It Appears the Seahawks Have a PEDs Problem

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You can’t get anything by Richard Sherman.

Five players from the Seahawks have been suspended for Performance Enhancing Drugs since 2011. Sherman would have been as well, if he didn’t find a loophole in his Adderall case. Here is what Sherman had to say about what is going on in Seattle.

Asked if the Seattle Seahawks have a problem with performance-enhancing drugs with five player suspensions since 2011, cornerback Richard Sherman told ESPN The Magazine, “it does seem that way.”

Sherman, who was suspended last season for allegedly using Adderall only to have the ban overturned on appeal last December, said of the Seahawks’ perceived PED problem: “It is what it is.”

Sherman is denying he ever took Adderall, he is probably lying, but we will never know now.

2 thoughts on “Richard Sherman Says It Appears the Seahawks Have a PEDs Problem

  • Im sick and tired of all the misinformation and downright ignorance perpetuated by you so called, “journalists.” first off, there is no such test for Adderall. Adderall usage will test positive for amphetamine usage and Adderall is the least painful excuse an athlete can give for his amphetamine usage. Second, amphetamine is hardly a performance enhancing drug. No athlete ever has become faster, stronger, gained more stamina, hit harder, throw a ball faster or farther or catch the ball better from their use of amphetamine. Just because the NFL and the players union have agreed that all illicit drugs will show up on the PED list doesn’t make it a performance enhancer. Check the list out for yourself and you will see that THC is listed as a PED and we can all agree that pot does not help you perform in sports. Thirdly, your journalistic integrity has come into question when you call Sherman a liar. His sample was contaminated due to a faulty seal on the collection cup. It should never have been sampled and certainly should never have been reported. Speculation is not fair and only facts should be reported. You could very easily speculate that his sample was contaminated as the law requires.

    • amen brother !!!!

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