Robert Horry: “Dwight Howard Would Have No Chance Against Olajuwon”


Former NBA forward Robert Horry has been known to make many a big shot in his career.  Thus you have the nickname, “Big  Shot Rob” was born.

Horry is no longer a player on the court, but still enjoys adding his input and watching these phenomenal NBA playoffs.

During a recent interview with Hoops Hype, Horry was asked how he thought Dwight Howard would fare against his former Houston Rockets teammate and NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon.

Horry never one to mince words, said “Dwight wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Dwight would have no chance [against Olajuwon]. Howard is a good player, but his offensive skills are limited. He only has the Georgetown hook, a couple of spins in the baseline… Dwight is a great player, but there are things certain players can and can’t do, and Hakeem could do a lot.

I totally agree with Horry in that regard. Olajuwon made David Robinson look like a fool on many occasions, and Dwight can’t hold a candle to the admiral either.