Roy Hibbert Fined $75k For “No Homo” Comment

Roy Hibbert

Remember you can elbow someone in the head and nothing happens, if you flop like soccer player it is chump change, but if you say something stupid and it was a stupid juvenile comment from Hibbert you get hit hard.

2 thoughts on “Roy Hibbert Fined $75k For “No Homo” Comment


    This GAY-Agenda NONSENSE is TOO REAL in the Sports/Entertainment Arena… But Y’all FOOLZ think just becuz These Black Athletes get PAID millions that They aren’t SLAVES TO THE SYSTEM (That Pay Their Salary though…) SMDH

    OWNERS of Professional Sports Franchises —–> Plantation Pimping 101

  • This story does not mention that Hibbert said mother f’ers and said he didn’t care if the NBA fined him. Thus, it is clear he was fully aware of the potential repercussions.

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