Roy Hibbert Reaches Out to Jason Collins on Twitter after “No Homo” Comment

Roy Hibbert Yall

After the Indiana Pacers forced a Game 7 against the Miami Heat, the spotlight was shining brightly on center Roy Hibbert. He ended the night with 24 and 11 on his dad’s birthday, but a lot of the talk will be about his post game press conference, where he dropped a “motherfucker” and then giggled sheepishly after saying “no homo” when saying LeBron James stretched him out.

Like racist and antisemitic comments, homophobic comments don’t have to be always be explicit to be offensive and the severity of their effect really is up to the individual. Personally, I think Hibbert’s comments come more from ignorance and childish immaturity rather than homophobia. That said, I don’t begrudge or diminish anybody who was offended by it.

After having some time to think about it, Hibbert decided to use twitter to apologize of his classless comment.

Oh wait, he didn’t do that. Instead he decided to seek out the new NBA authority on all things gay, Jason Collins, to talk about “something’s”.

Seeking out Collins at all on this is pretty stupid, its like apologizing to Omri Casspi for making a “jewish people are cheap” comment. But to do it publicly via twitter just proves the depth of Hibbert’s ignorance. He is a prominent NBA player, I am pretty sure he has more private ways of seeking the guy out.

And what exactly will that conversation be like?

Hibbert: Sorry bro, I didn’t mean to offend you by saying no homo.
Collins: Are you personally apologizing to every gay person you know?
Hibbet: No, just you because you are like, the face of the gay NBA.
Collins: OK, thanks I guess. I’ll tell my people you feel bad.
Hibbert: I appreciate that! Now I have to let you go, my personal stylist and hairdresser need me. Those guys are so crazy! Much love… well, you know what I mean, not like that.

There is no way he should be suspended, but considering the MF’ers comment as well, I expect a moderate fine and public apology.

No word on if he is seeking out that Oedipus guy to apologize for offending motherfuckers.

2 thoughts on “Roy Hibbert Reaches Out to Jason Collins on Twitter after “No Homo” Comment

  • Lmao this Is hilarious . much love not like that . he shoulda Said no homo.

  • lol the bso agenda is clear we are queer we are here and we are not going anywhere. yeah!! you can say you are gay (handclap) but cannot say you are not gay (finger pointing).
    the big thing is you are white writer on bso, yes come with something more thought provoking instead of this dribble, you are a senior writer.
    Isn’t the BSO name tired now? hasn’t that gimmick gone far enough?

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