Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Christine Vest Gives Birth to His 6th Child


We aren’t exactly sure how many baby mamas Dwight Howard has (at least 5 we know of), but according to his first baby mama and confirmed by us, his girlfriend Christine Vest just delivered, what we believe to be his 6th child.

Royce also left this message on her Instagram.

Royce Reed

Dwight only claims his son by Royce, no word on if he will claim this child.  The fact that there has been no mention of Christine’s pregnancy besides Dwight pretending it wasn’t happening, probably is your answer, but you never know.

This could be good for the Lakers, he might need the extra money now and his girlfriend does live in LA.

Congratulations Dwight.



4 thoughts on “Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Christine Vest Gives Birth to His 6th Child

  • Guess Dwight don’t believe in condoms…..rather pay child support

  • He cant hit a free throw but he can hit some sexy hoes.D12 trying to have 12 babies by the time he 30.

  • I highly doubt that was a genuine “congratulations”, it was probably more like “look, the dumbass who owes me child support just got another chick pregnant”.

  • Well I think families are really important to him don’t you guys realize that? this is why he want to have biggest families on his own so he just go ahead with many women tho. Give him props… 😉

    I am really looking forward to see him play for Rockets cuz im from Houston.

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