School District Sues Brian Banks’ Rape Accuser for $2.6 Million


Atlanta Falcons linebacker Brian Banks’ will receive some more vindication, now that his rape accuser, Wanetta Gibson, is being sued for $2.6 million by the The Long Beach Unified School District according to ABC 7 Los Angeles.

Gibson put Banks behind bars for five years after she claimed that Banks raped her at Long Beach Polytechnic High School while they were both students there.

That accusation cost Banks his scholarship to USC, and half a decade of his life.

“Our school district takes seriously our obligation to be a good steward of public funds,” the district said in a statement. “It’s important to convey that our school board will take action to recoup any losses if someone attempts to defraud our schools of much-needed resources.”

Wanetta Gibson sued the school district and won $750,000 in March 2011, but then subsequently blew every penny.  The district wants its money back. It’s suing Gibson for the $750,000 she won, and more than $1 million in damages.

6 thoughts on “School District Sues Brian Banks’ Rape Accuser for $2.6 Million

  • She should do jail time also.

  • And her mother needs to go to jail too.
    And his attorney.

  • Women always harping about women’s rights and equality. Well, she should be like a man and get thrown in jail. All the district can do is put a lien on her earnings or welfare check b/c she doesn’t have it. Everytime I read about this heaux I think of the Mike Jones song Scandalous Hoes!!

  • Karma! ….it comes in its own time.

  • I am real hot about this situation but I am so happy for this guy. I have question. What does she do that she will be able to pay him 2.6 mil and the school 1.78 mil? She probably ran through the lawsuit money years ago. I am torn whether she should have to go to jail or work the rest of her life to pay him. Then again, he signed with the Falcons. He may not be a millionaire but he’s not hurting financially and his desired career so yeah I agree with you all she needs to go to jail and why wasn’t a rape kit done or was it consensual and if her mother knew it was a lie at any time, she should go to jail as well. They should serve atleast long as he did so she can get out and pay her debts.

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