Scottie Pippen Arrested For Allegedly Stomping Autograph Seeker


We reported this morning on the story regarding former Bulls star Scottie Pippen getting into an altercation on Sunday night, and beating a guy up outside of Malibu’s Nobu restaurant. 

Well the details surrounding that altercation are coming out, and it could land Pippen in some hot water. Thacover2 is reporting that Pippen has been arrested, and turned himself in early Tuesday afternoon.

Reports suggest that Pippen didn’t necessarily get into a fight, but instead brutally beat up an autograph seeker outside of Nobu.

Pippen allegedly punched and kicked the man to the face until he was unconscious.

After Pippen left the scene, the victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, including broken teeth and a swollen face

He suffered injuries to the back and head as well.

2 thoughts on “Scottie Pippen Arrested For Allegedly Stomping Autograph Seeker

  • Pippen ain’t easy. lol

  • Pippen won’t get the Justin Bieber treatment, he will get the black man in America treatment. In other words, he is going to jail!

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