SC’s Jadeveon Clowney Reportedly Dating Former Hawks Cheerleader (Photos)


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South Carolina’s defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is widely considered the country’s best college football player and a lock at the top of the 2014 NFL draft class.

With his huge popularity and promisingly lucrative future people’s curiosity about who he’s dating is natural. Well, The Bleacher Report has dropped us a little nugget into Clowney’s love life. They have reported that he is dating former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Kirsten Hardy.

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According to the story the two met through mutual friends at the end of last year and have been dating ever since. When asked about Clowney, Hardy who along with her twin sister studied at Houston University and according to an old profile on the Atlanta Hawks website is a teacher, described him as:

Really sweet and mature for his age.

Wow…that sounds like a grandmother describing a nice young boy that goes to her church. Honestly, I’m sure Kirsten is one of Clowney’s many “girlfriends,” and there are a few girls on the campus of USC that will NOT be happy when they read this, but it comes with the territory. He’s a young star football player with a bright football future the last thing he needs to be worried about is a girlfriend. Kirsten is obviously older than Clowney so hopefully she’s smart enough to know what the deal is.

For those of you that have been under a rock and don’t know who Jadeveon Clowney is allow me to introduce you.