Shawne Merriman Says He Didn’t Overdose, Went Back to Club After Hospital Visit

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Maybe Merriman just popped the molly and was sweating?

Whatever the case, he does acknowledge he went to the hospital, but claims it wasn’t for a overdose, but because of dehydration.

After getting some fluids in him, he went right back to the club.

Shawne says he’s been running himself ragged recently — “I’ve been finishing my MBA, shooting a bunch of films, launching my LightsOut [company] and still training.”

Shawne’s rep tells us, “At the hospital, he got fluids and felt fine … so he went right back to the club.”

As for reports that Shawne was treated for a drug overdose, the rep tells TMZ …”That’s absurd … if you had a drug overdose, you wouldn’t be at a club right after.”